Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunburst Mirror

 Our living room is almost complete. It's so close I can almost taste it. Actually things will never be complete. There will always be that one piece to bring in some spice. I wrote in this post that something needed to be above our television. In this case that little bit of spice is coming in the form of a sunburst mirror. Come on! Who doesn't love a good sunburst mirror. 

I've actually had this mirror for quite a few years, but I had never found the right spot for it. It may have been from Walmart back in 2010. But I'm not positive on that. 

I'm loving all the various shapes and textures in here! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Etsy Copy Cat

Once upon a time I fell in love with a picture I found on Etsy. You can view the original poster here. It's totally awesome, but I wanted to make a similar personalized print for my love. I gifted her this for our anniversary. Hand-made presents are the best!

I used a regular canvas that can be purchased from any store that carries art supplies, a pencil, and a fine tipped sharpie. I wouldn't consider any of these tiny doodles pure works of art. 
Anyone can doodle..But to be safe I lightly drew in pencil, before I used something permanent.

Honestly, the hard part was coming up with enough items to fill up the canvas. I didn't count them, but I think the number was close to seventy tiny little pictures.

If you can't tell I've got a batman fanatic on my hands.

Get out there and make the love of your life something special!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Colored Closet Door

We mentioned in the To Do List post how we wanted to paint the closet door in our tiny hallway. Eventually we would like to upgrade all the bedroom and bathroom doors since they don't function properly. (The doors to the spare bedroom and future nursery don't close all the way) The thing is, the closet door works great. Everything is in working order with it. The only problem is that it looks a little rough. When the previous owners painted the trim (God bless them for taking over that task) they left some remnants of white paint on the doors. 

I knew immediately that I wanted to give this baby a new paint job to freshen her up. 
& what a great way to give that perfect pop of color.

A friend of mine recently informed me of "oops" paint. 
Are you taking advantage of these paint color options? 

Just about every store that carries paint sells their mistakes. And I'm benefiting from it. HomeDepot, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and even Sherwin Williams. This particular can of paint I scored from HomeDepot cost $7. You can't beat that price. I'm hooked and I'm officially starting a collection. 

I also picked up a few of their smaller sample cans at 50 cents a pop. 
Hopefully I'll find some good uses for those little containers of paint.

Things are looking a little blotchy in the picture below because it was still in the process of drying.

I'm in love. Conveniently enough the paint option I purchased was a flat color. 
The name is "Potted Plant." 

Side Note: We were excited to see YoungHouseLove also painted their little ones closet door. 
You can check out their post here

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another Simple Switch

After seeing the before and after in the living room I was inspired to take a closer look at a few other rooms in the house. There's nothing that makes me happier than a good before & after.

This isn't perfect, but the main focus here is the switch from the tiny collage to the larger framed art. This is also the first picture I've posted of our new bedroom curtains. The former bookcase that may look great in photograph did not function properly. It actually held no function. The goal is to replace the small nightstand with a larger/ taller dresser.

I'm also extremely excited about getting that panelling painted. Maybe then we can come up with a paint color for this room. Ugh does the painting ever end?

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Simple Switch

After posting about my living room evolution I stared at the pictures for awhile. Something was off.

Have you ever had that problem? 
Since I take pictures of the home quite frequently it's pretty easy to notice when something is off. With a little bit of tweaking I think I may have solved the problem.
Can you see the difference?

Yeah ok, so the new picture is better quality (the saturation of the original is totally off)

I knew the curtain needed to switch sides. It felt cluttered on the side closest to the tv center. It was also blocking some much needed natural light. Half the reason the original picture's saturation is wrong is due to the lighting. (The other part is my poor photo editing skills.) Things also look before from the outside. Between the curtains and our storage unit our neighbors probably thought we were hoarders. It even looked cluttered on the outside. Since the curtains have been switched you can't even tell the storage unit is in front of the window. 

I also moved everything out a couple inches. As you can see a couple inches made a huge difference. The whole corner seems much more spacious. I'm all about a layered look, but I'm not into the cluttered look. These simple switches really made a huge difference. 

My next goal for this room will be to upgrade that ceiling fan. The 1970s are calling and they want theirs back. Also, maybe that space above the television needs a little spicing up. & I'm dreaming of adding a pair of DIY photo ledges behind the couch. 

We get a lot of questions about where some of our stuff has come from:
-The birdcage chalkboard: TJ Max
-Entertainment Center: Walmart!
-Curtains: Target
-Blue metal end table: Kohls
-Globe: Thrifted
-Ceramic Dog: Dollar General
-Couch & Storage Unit: Big Lots

Theres also a Diy'ed ceramic plate thrown into the mix. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Knobs

Once upon a time I had an amazing father-in-law. Back in 2012, he made us an amazing entry way mirror with a shelf. However, he left out the knobs. To our advantage we got to find our own unique pieces to turn this into our own. For the longest time this wall fixture sat in the garage. In our rental it didn't have a home. Once we moved in to our first house it was one of the first things to be hung. You can spy the structure in these pictures (pre knobs)

It took us a long time to find the perfect pieces. In the end all of these came from Michael's. The price was right. If you haven't already caught on by now I'm a sucker for a great bargain. World Market and Urban Outfitters also had some great contenders. Mixing the patterns really made this one-of-a-kind. We did, however, choose to keep the shape and size relatively similar. 

Even though this is in the kitchen and the knobs won't be used for anything other than looks, you can use the same concept for a coat rack, jewelry organization, or towel hooks. 

You can even use various shapes and patterns to give your own knobs a little bit more pizzazz.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Scarf Organization

Ok ladies, Where do you store your scarves?
I was in a pickle for quite some time. 
My significant other told me I had a problem. A scarf hoarding problem. But actually I think my collection looks a little sad. But, truth be told, my scarf collection is limited due to the storage situation. Where to you put this big bulky article of clothing. I've tried storing them in my drawers but they end up taking over, I've tried bins & baskets but I forgot about them, and lately I just had them thrown all over the place. 

I came up with my own scarf organization when I saw a pack of cheap shower curtain hooks at dollar general. The estimated cost is around $2. They fit perfectly around the rods. 
Since I have a double tiered closet I don't feel like I'm missing out on much clothing space. 
Perhaps if I start to accumulate more scarves I will need a new alternative. 
But for now this system is working great!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bring in the Rug

I feel like everyone who has this rug should join a club. The rug club. This baby is a pretty popular floor treatment and I just had to be apart of it. 

The best part was I didn't have to go to the store to buy one. You can now order this online. The shipping price is a little high, but it was still a lot cheaper than it would have been for me to travel to the nearest Ikea. Oh yeah, by the way this rug is from Ikea. Our nearest one is three hours north. 

Their newest store addition will be coming to St. Louis (my homeland) Fall 2015. I think I need to start a calendar count down. 

I stated before that I can't place a rug in the living room due to my dogs.
 (They think rugs are some form of grass) 
Since this room is off limits to the pups it was the perfect place to add a rug. 

This is the office/future nursery. The rug really makes the space. 
Once we repaint the walls a light grey it will be nearly finished. (Currently they are a blush pink) You can check out those awkward before pictures here
I can't wait to get that painting under way. 

We will also be replacing all the vents sometime. As you can see the current ones we have are a little sketchy looking. There is also specks of white paint on the wood floors from the previous owners paint job. However, I can't be mad. I'd much rather scrape up some paint instead of having to do that painting myself. 

The puff/ottoman was a Kohl's find. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Living Room Evolution

Holy Moly. I can't believe we have lived in our house for almost a year. Looking back at last year I remember what an incredible journey it was to get here. We are still as happy as ever & honestly I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. As our one year mark of being home owners is coming right around the corner I wanted to take a moment to look back at the transformation. It's wonderful to see how this space in our house is evolving.  

I've stated before that we spend most of our time in the living room, as most families do. Since we spend the most time in this space I wanted it to feel as comfortable as possible. We even painted the living room on move in day. I think I could have died happy by simply bringing in that cheerful butter-toned-beige paint. 

Prior to moving we had stained a couple pallets and planned to add casters, but ultimately I felt overwhelmed by all of the rectangles in this room. I read up on some basic Feng Shui rules and we decided to scrap the pallets after I learned that all the sharp edges caused an imbalance. Honestly, I can't even believe I'm talking about Feng Shui, but seriously it's awesome. I picked up a few basic tips and we now live by them. 

Another item that tragically got the boot is our dearest owl lamp. I never in a million years would have parted with that beauty (It only cost $8 at Marshals) but during some furniture rearranging it shattered. They do, however, carry similar ones at Target. 

We added the out of the kitchen storage to the entertainment center and now they reside on our white bookcase. As you can see in the picture below we have added a few more additions. 

Now it's not perfect. Nothing ever is. But we like to think things are transforming nicely. 

What's changed in your home over the past year?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Bathroom Caulking

This little project has been long over do. I probably complained at least once a week that this needed to be done. Since the bathroom was not properly caulked it was starting to show signs of damage. You can see in the before picture below how the grout was starting to lift and peel. I fear that if we hadn't done this when we did a big-moldy-problem may have occurred. 

This is an easy fix for anyone. 

This is also an easy way to make things look and little more crisp and clean.

Not only did we caulk around the inner perimeter of the bathtub, but we also caulk around the base perimeter. We always use a towel on the outside on the tub when someone is showering, but there will always be that overflow. The base perimeter was also starting to show signs of damage. Hopefully now with the waterproof bathroom caulk things we stay preserved as long as possible. 

Our application method was fairly simple. Squirt and smooth. Squirt and smooth. 

For smoothing things out we just used our fingers, but I've also read somewhere that a spoon does a great job. Possibly when we get around to caulking the tub I'll try out the spoon method. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Salon Before

Behold! We are finally posting some before pictures of the salon.

We have already done some updates, but before I post those pictures I wanted to give everyone a good idea of what the place looked like before.

Friday, March 14, 2014

To Do List.


I will soon be posting the updated pictures of the salon. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed a few little sneak peaks. However, we've been neglecting the house, big time! We had a closet door come off the hinges and it just stayed like that for weeks. Now that the salon is nearly complete its time to get back to the house. With being in school last year I didn't feel like we got a whole heck of a lot accomplished. Ugh. So this year I am determined to crack down. 

Here is a list of the things I WILL get completed this year!

The Not-So-Great Outdoors

 Well wouldn't you know, we stained the deck last fall and I failed to share that with y'all. After we do some touch ups I'll be sure to post the wonderful transformation. Luckily we already removed those horrendous trees. I'm also planning on beefing up the landscaping this year. Our overgrown day lilies will be going bye-bye. Something will be added to the vacant space on either side of the steps. 

We currently have rock in our beds my original plan is to just cover it with mulch, but if someone has a better idea let me know! 

-Add plant boxes 
-Add hanging plants to the garage.
- Painting the shutters
- New Mail Box
- New Light fixture (hopefully)
- Add street number to the front door & maybe even the front post
- Paint brass on storm door.
-Finish removing oil stains from concrete

The Living Room

This room is probably the most complete out of all the rooms. We spend most of our time here, so as I sit watching tv and being a bum I think of more things that need perfected. In a perfect world I would get a super fantastic area rug, but my dear sweet dogs think rugs are some form of grass. I considered risking it but I don't think my better half will allow it.

-New ceiling fan/Pendant Lighting. The function of a ceiling fan is great, but I'd love a nice pendant light. One thing is for sure, we need some better lighting up in here!
-Add photo ledges behind couch. 
-Tile gap next to front entry. Luckily we already have the materials for this one.

Surprisingly that's all I've got for right now. Eventually I want to stain the wood floors, but I'm not sure if this will be the year for that. We have also been tossing up the idea of adding bar stools to the ledge in between the living room and kitchen. I haven't found the right size and I'm not sure if it even exists. I'm excited to see what this room will be like this time next year. I love owning a house and knowing I have plenty of time to make things into our own.

The Kitchen

Lately I've been spending a whole heck of a lot of time in here. I recently became vegetarian (mostly vegan) so I've been cooking up a storm. I'll have to share some of the pretty-darn-amazing recipes I've concocted. In twenty days I've lost 10lbs. simply by skipping out on the animal products. Yeah I just might dedicate a post on my diet. What was I saying?

Any ways...The kitchen. It's the heart of the home. I'm pretty happy with the functionality of this space, but I'd like to work more on some organizational projects along with a few pretty finishes.

-Add lots of baskets with labels for areas like the fridge & pantry. Maybe even in the cabinets above the sink & fridge.
-New stove. My fingers are crossed for this one. Our oven went out a couple months ago. My crock pot has been a life saver but I sure do miss making pizza.
-Stain Cabinetry.
-Add shelving.
-Add more cabinets underneath existing cabinets. Possibly with glass front doors. mmm...dreamy.
-Finish Painting. (We still have some blue walls.)
-Sink mat.
-Dog treat storage. The dog treats are taking over the pantry. I'd love a cute white tin with a label.
-Roman Shades (Grammy is taking a class on this. Can't wait to pick out my fabric)
-Better bill storage solutions. I'd love to have the Martha Stewart set from Staples.

Possibly this year we will get a new kitchen table if we find something that catches our eye. It's not a major necessity but it is something I'd love to upgrade. Two chairs just doesn't cut it when you have family over for dinner. We'd also love to add the backsplash this year but we aren't sure if the budget will allow for this just yet. 

We don't plan on leaving any time soon so this may have to wait until next year.

The Hallway.
Technically I don't know if you would even consider this a hallway.  It's more of a nook or corner. But I'm obsessed with hallways so I wanted to give this space it's own section. We've already switched out the sconce & changed out the knobs to our built ins. I think this little space has the potential to be my favorite spot in the house.

-New Doors (three to be exact)
-Paint Closet door. Since the doors in good shape we want to keep it and do something bright!
-Small Runner
-Paint Inside of built ins another fun bright color.
-Closet organization. This closet needs some major functionality. It has none.
-Caulk around frames. 
-Switch out vent color to something a little cooler.
-& Our poor built in drawers are in need of some help. They are falling apart.
-Add carpeting to the closet. Currently it's subfloor.

The Bathroom

I don't even have my own picture of this bathroom, because I hate it. This is my least favorite room (actually it might be tied with the laundry room) This room needs the most assistance. Starting with that awful textured wall.

-Remove texture from wall.
-Paint walls something light & bright. It currently resembles a cave
-New Vanity with drawers
-Remove Cabinet above toilet
-Add Shelving to replace cabinet
-Paint small built in shelf
-Add Art
-Caulk around tub & toilet
-Towel hooks.

Spare Bedroom

This is also another room that I don't have my own picture of. We originally painted the walls a deep dark teal, but it just didn't work out. Now we are thinking a light grey would be more fitting or possibly a blue-grey. We did however add some great faux wood blinds. 

-Paint Walls
-Head Board

Office/Future Nursery

I got so excited as I wrote the words future nursery. 

For now it's just the office, but the color scheme will remain the same when we finally take the leap into parenthood. I originally painted the room peach. I got really excited when we first moved into the house and I wanted everything to be finished in two days, but with that rush I made some mistakes. Now I know that sometimes it's better to have a little bit of patience. I've already painted the desk white & I purchased a great rug from Ikea that I'll post about later this week. 

-Repaint Walls
-Organize Closet
-Add art.
-Possibly figure out a way to change up the dresser.

Master Bedroom

This is another room that's also very close to being complete. It's become my own little sanctuary. We haven't done anything besides decor & purchasing a temper-pedic .

-Paint Paneling a crisp white
-Paint Ladder crisp white
-Caulk Windows

Eventually we want to add hanging pendants instead of the recessed lighting that we currently have. We also plan on getting new flooring for this room. Potentially a great cork flooring. After a new flooring is installed we can place the old flooring up in the loft. We have lots of plans for the loft, but those might take a little longer.

The Laundry Room

There are quite a few problems in this room. It's function is supposed to serve for laundry and a mudroom. We also store the trash can in here since our dogs find it amusing to eat out of the garbage. We are honestly at a complete lost for what to do with this room. Eventually we want a new washer and dryer. But what can make this room more functional? 
& the hot water heater is just plain ugly. 
Would painting help?

If you have any advice on what we could do with this room it would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Pin Map

Like I said before, I've been stir crazy! 

I need some summer sunshine in my life or maybe a vacation to Maui, either way I'm not sure how much more of this winter I can take. But since neither wish will come any time soon I've been trying to keep myself occupied through out my spare time by doing small various projects.

I've always always always wanted a pin map. If anything it seems like good motivation to get out there and do things. Growing up, I traveled a lot with my family and I would like to do the same with mine.  This specific one always caught my eye. My original plan was to miraculously find one, but alas some late night thinking made me come up with this free-for-me diy pin map. It's actually nothing like the one I had envisioned, but I'm happy to call this one my very own.

You would be surprised at how amazing google images can be. Sure pinterest is great, but when I'm on the hunt for something specific I find myself on google. A simple search will do the trick to find a map that works for you. I narrowed it down to these three images. I went with the one that showed major cities, because I wanted something that showed specifics. But if you have any old map lying around that would also do that trick.

The cork board used can be found at Walmart, but I'm sure Staples or Hobby Lobby carry something similar. Staples also has a great supply of Washi Tape, which is where I found mine.

I did not use any other adhesive besides the washi tape because I figured the pins would give added support. Map pins are a little over priced in my opinion. I used sewing type pins that I found at Dollar General for just under $2. Well worth it. Since they stick out a little more I have even considered applying tags to add the date on which our adventures took place. If I can figure out how to manage this I will let you know. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I can't wait to fill er' up with all our future trips and travels. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Curtain Call

Holy Moly! It has seriously been over two months since I've made a posting. This is something I really love to do but I've been extremely busy lately. Luckily I have a few posts lined up for the rest of the month to make up for my lack of blogging lately, but we have something huge going on. 

We are currently in the process of opening a salon. It's been really stressful and time consuming but with that being said it's going to allow me to eventually spend more time blogging and I will be able to do some posts on the salon itself. Right now it's a hot mess of beige; trim, ceiling, flooring, walls, everything. So it will be really exciting to see the space evolve. 

My home has also been evolving some over these past few months. By the way, who else is freezing and ready for summer? ME ME ME! I feel stir crazy so I've been spending a lot of my free time on little projects that I'll be sharing with you all in the next couple weeks.

I last left you with a slightly tragic post about my failed attempt at finding curtains. Thankfully I'm not the type of person to give up on something once I have it set in my mind. One more trip to good ole target saved the day. Perhaps I was a little too determined the first time and maybe slightly more open minded the second. Either way I couldn't be happier with the way these beautiful things transformed my living room.

Target has the most fabulous window treatment and shower curtains. Check em' out.

I can't even believe this is the same room that you last saw here. It's starting to look more layered and lived in these days. A few more odds and ends have been added, but nothing major has changed. I'll try to post a living room update sometime next week. In the picture above you can see a storage basket is overflowing with dog toys! These little babies love their babies.

The cedar chest has also made it's way into the living room. It drove me insane in the bedrooms and it seems to make more sense here since our snuggly blankets are stored inside.


This corner might be one of my favorite spots in the house. just looking over here brings me a bit of joy. The tiny new pig painting and metal end table really compliment the curtains. I chose to only do one panel a window due to the dvd cabinet being stored in this corner. I knew I didn't want a panel hanging if it was just going to hide behind something. These curtains were for aesthetics purposes only. Our bamboo blinds are still working wonders.

How do you feel about one panel a curtain vs. two panels a curtain?
Do you use curtains for just decor or do they serve another purpose for you?
Let me know whats going on & stay tuned for more updates and projects.


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