Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Removing Oil Stains from Concrete

Ok, So we have this car that gushes oil. She's done her thing for ten years now and her life may be coming to an end soon. We plan on running her into the ground before we get a new vehicle, but until that time this car will be parked near the road. The best way to keep oil stains off the driveway is by not having a car that gushes oil, but in case you have a vehicle like ours you might need to know how to remove oil stains from a concrete driveway.

We read up on a lot of different ways to remove oil stains. Cat litter is famous for this task, but to me it sounded like more of a mess than anything else. We also read gasoline can pull up oil, but that sounded a little too dangerous. WD-40 is also known to do the job. 

We chose to use Dawn Dish Soap. Come on? What doesn't Dawn Dish Soap do? 
And as an added bonus we already had this bottle on hand. 

We started off by pre-cleaning the effected area by simply rinsing the driveway. Now that we are home owners we rinse off the driveway very frequently with our hose, because we feel like it's the home-ownerly thing to do. 

After the driveway was rinsed, we squirted on some of that blue goo. 

Anna added in her own little twist by scrubbing the splotches with steel wool pads. I think it gave some good scrubbing action, but I started getting nervous the combo would stain the driveway blue. 

After everything is scrubbed and soaked you can let this sit. We read to leave it sit overnight, but we only waited about thirty minutes. 

The results were pretty incredible. I honestly didn't think anything was going to pull up those dark spots. What a little miracle worker that Dawn Dish Soap is!

Here is one more before and after image just to show what a difference it made! 
I hope this will come in handy some day!


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  4. Wow! That is great! That would definitely remove stains that cause such an eyesore for your driveway. Oil stains on driveways can really be annoying to look at and are so hard to remove with the use of just an ordinary hose. People usually pressure wash them coupled with soap, but it seems that this works too! 
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