Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Pin Map

Like I said before, I've been stir crazy! 

I need some summer sunshine in my life or maybe a vacation to Maui, either way I'm not sure how much more of this winter I can take. But since neither wish will come any time soon I've been trying to keep myself occupied through out my spare time by doing small various projects.

I've always always always wanted a pin map. If anything it seems like good motivation to get out there and do things. Growing up, I traveled a lot with my family and I would like to do the same with mine.  This specific one always caught my eye. My original plan was to miraculously find one, but alas some late night thinking made me come up with this free-for-me diy pin map. It's actually nothing like the one I had envisioned, but I'm happy to call this one my very own.

You would be surprised at how amazing google images can be. Sure pinterest is great, but when I'm on the hunt for something specific I find myself on google. A simple search will do the trick to find a map that works for you. I narrowed it down to these three images. I went with the one that showed major cities, because I wanted something that showed specifics. But if you have any old map lying around that would also do that trick.

The cork board used can be found at Walmart, but I'm sure Staples or Hobby Lobby carry something similar. Staples also has a great supply of Washi Tape, which is where I found mine.

I did not use any other adhesive besides the washi tape because I figured the pins would give added support. Map pins are a little over priced in my opinion. I used sewing type pins that I found at Dollar General for just under $2. Well worth it. Since they stick out a little more I have even considered applying tags to add the date on which our adventures took place. If I can figure out how to manage this I will let you know. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I can't wait to fill er' up with all our future trips and travels. 


  1. I like it!!! I think dates would be really cool, but might take away from the simplistic nature of the map. I think having a pin at home and then wrapping thread around the home pin to each destination would be cool. Ooo… just had an idea you could then make a key to the map and use different colored thread for different years. Just a thought!


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