Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bring in the Rug

I feel like everyone who has this rug should join a club. The rug club. This baby is a pretty popular floor treatment and I just had to be apart of it. 

The best part was I didn't have to go to the store to buy one. You can now order this online. The shipping price is a little high, but it was still a lot cheaper than it would have been for me to travel to the nearest Ikea. Oh yeah, by the way this rug is from Ikea. Our nearest one is three hours north. 

Their newest store addition will be coming to St. Louis (my homeland) Fall 2015. I think I need to start a calendar count down. 

I stated before that I can't place a rug in the living room due to my dogs.
 (They think rugs are some form of grass) 
Since this room is off limits to the pups it was the perfect place to add a rug. 

This is the office/future nursery. The rug really makes the space. 
Once we repaint the walls a light grey it will be nearly finished. (Currently they are a blush pink) You can check out those awkward before pictures here
I can't wait to get that painting under way. 

We will also be replacing all the vents sometime. As you can see the current ones we have are a little sketchy looking. There is also specks of white paint on the wood floors from the previous owners paint job. However, I can't be mad. I'd much rather scrape up some paint instead of having to do that painting myself. 

The puff/ottoman was a Kohl's find. 

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  1. That's a cute rug! I like the idea of a pink and gray room, but tone on tone will be adorable.

    There's supposed to be an IKEA opening in the Kansas City area (Merriam?) this fall. I don't know if that's closer or not. The one closest to me is five hours away without traffic, and Kansas City is about three. I might actually make the trip down to that one.


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