Friday, March 14, 2014

To Do List.


I will soon be posting the updated pictures of the salon. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed a few little sneak peaks. However, we've been neglecting the house, big time! We had a closet door come off the hinges and it just stayed like that for weeks. Now that the salon is nearly complete its time to get back to the house. With being in school last year I didn't feel like we got a whole heck of a lot accomplished. Ugh. So this year I am determined to crack down. 

Here is a list of the things I WILL get completed this year!

The Not-So-Great Outdoors

 Well wouldn't you know, we stained the deck last fall and I failed to share that with y'all. After we do some touch ups I'll be sure to post the wonderful transformation. Luckily we already removed those horrendous trees. I'm also planning on beefing up the landscaping this year. Our overgrown day lilies will be going bye-bye. Something will be added to the vacant space on either side of the steps. 

We currently have rock in our beds my original plan is to just cover it with mulch, but if someone has a better idea let me know! 

-Add plant boxes 
-Add hanging plants to the garage.
- Painting the shutters
- New Mail Box
- New Light fixture (hopefully)
- Add street number to the front door & maybe even the front post
- Paint brass on storm door.
-Finish removing oil stains from concrete

The Living Room

This room is probably the most complete out of all the rooms. We spend most of our time here, so as I sit watching tv and being a bum I think of more things that need perfected. In a perfect world I would get a super fantastic area rug, but my dear sweet dogs think rugs are some form of grass. I considered risking it but I don't think my better half will allow it.

-New ceiling fan/Pendant Lighting. The function of a ceiling fan is great, but I'd love a nice pendant light. One thing is for sure, we need some better lighting up in here!
-Add photo ledges behind couch. 
-Tile gap next to front entry. Luckily we already have the materials for this one.

Surprisingly that's all I've got for right now. Eventually I want to stain the wood floors, but I'm not sure if this will be the year for that. We have also been tossing up the idea of adding bar stools to the ledge in between the living room and kitchen. I haven't found the right size and I'm not sure if it even exists. I'm excited to see what this room will be like this time next year. I love owning a house and knowing I have plenty of time to make things into our own.

The Kitchen

Lately I've been spending a whole heck of a lot of time in here. I recently became vegetarian (mostly vegan) so I've been cooking up a storm. I'll have to share some of the pretty-darn-amazing recipes I've concocted. In twenty days I've lost 10lbs. simply by skipping out on the animal products. Yeah I just might dedicate a post on my diet. What was I saying?

Any ways...The kitchen. It's the heart of the home. I'm pretty happy with the functionality of this space, but I'd like to work more on some organizational projects along with a few pretty finishes.

-Add lots of baskets with labels for areas like the fridge & pantry. Maybe even in the cabinets above the sink & fridge.
-New stove. My fingers are crossed for this one. Our oven went out a couple months ago. My crock pot has been a life saver but I sure do miss making pizza.
-Stain Cabinetry.
-Add shelving.
-Add more cabinets underneath existing cabinets. Possibly with glass front doors. mmm...dreamy.
-Finish Painting. (We still have some blue walls.)
-Sink mat.
-Dog treat storage. The dog treats are taking over the pantry. I'd love a cute white tin with a label.
-Roman Shades (Grammy is taking a class on this. Can't wait to pick out my fabric)
-Better bill storage solutions. I'd love to have the Martha Stewart set from Staples.

Possibly this year we will get a new kitchen table if we find something that catches our eye. It's not a major necessity but it is something I'd love to upgrade. Two chairs just doesn't cut it when you have family over for dinner. We'd also love to add the backsplash this year but we aren't sure if the budget will allow for this just yet. 

We don't plan on leaving any time soon so this may have to wait until next year.

The Hallway.
Technically I don't know if you would even consider this a hallway.  It's more of a nook or corner. But I'm obsessed with hallways so I wanted to give this space it's own section. We've already switched out the sconce & changed out the knobs to our built ins. I think this little space has the potential to be my favorite spot in the house.

-New Doors (three to be exact)
-Paint Closet door. Since the doors in good shape we want to keep it and do something bright!
-Small Runner
-Paint Inside of built ins another fun bright color.
-Closet organization. This closet needs some major functionality. It has none.
-Caulk around frames. 
-Switch out vent color to something a little cooler.
-& Our poor built in drawers are in need of some help. They are falling apart.
-Add carpeting to the closet. Currently it's subfloor.

The Bathroom

I don't even have my own picture of this bathroom, because I hate it. This is my least favorite room (actually it might be tied with the laundry room) This room needs the most assistance. Starting with that awful textured wall.

-Remove texture from wall.
-Paint walls something light & bright. It currently resembles a cave
-New Vanity with drawers
-Remove Cabinet above toilet
-Add Shelving to replace cabinet
-Paint small built in shelf
-Add Art
-Caulk around tub & toilet
-Towel hooks.

Spare Bedroom

This is also another room that I don't have my own picture of. We originally painted the walls a deep dark teal, but it just didn't work out. Now we are thinking a light grey would be more fitting or possibly a blue-grey. We did however add some great faux wood blinds. 

-Paint Walls
-Head Board

Office/Future Nursery

I got so excited as I wrote the words future nursery. 

For now it's just the office, but the color scheme will remain the same when we finally take the leap into parenthood. I originally painted the room peach. I got really excited when we first moved into the house and I wanted everything to be finished in two days, but with that rush I made some mistakes. Now I know that sometimes it's better to have a little bit of patience. I've already painted the desk white & I purchased a great rug from Ikea that I'll post about later this week. 

-Repaint Walls
-Organize Closet
-Add art.
-Possibly figure out a way to change up the dresser.

Master Bedroom

This is another room that's also very close to being complete. It's become my own little sanctuary. We haven't done anything besides decor & purchasing a temper-pedic .

-Paint Paneling a crisp white
-Paint Ladder crisp white
-Caulk Windows

Eventually we want to add hanging pendants instead of the recessed lighting that we currently have. We also plan on getting new flooring for this room. Potentially a great cork flooring. After a new flooring is installed we can place the old flooring up in the loft. We have lots of plans for the loft, but those might take a little longer.

The Laundry Room

There are quite a few problems in this room. It's function is supposed to serve for laundry and a mudroom. We also store the trash can in here since our dogs find it amusing to eat out of the garbage. We are honestly at a complete lost for what to do with this room. Eventually we want a new washer and dryer. But what can make this room more functional? 
& the hot water heater is just plain ugly. 
Would painting help?

If you have any advice on what we could do with this room it would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Your house looks great, can’t wait to see what else you do to it. By the way I am in love with the white French Bull Dog statue. That is so cute!

  2. Thanks! Dollar General! $5 each! A haggled them on my second one since it had a small chip.


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