Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Colored Closet Door

We mentioned in the To Do List post how we wanted to paint the closet door in our tiny hallway. Eventually we would like to upgrade all the bedroom and bathroom doors since they don't function properly. (The doors to the spare bedroom and future nursery don't close all the way) The thing is, the closet door works great. Everything is in working order with it. The only problem is that it looks a little rough. When the previous owners painted the trim (God bless them for taking over that task) they left some remnants of white paint on the doors. 

I knew immediately that I wanted to give this baby a new paint job to freshen her up. 
& what a great way to give that perfect pop of color.

A friend of mine recently informed me of "oops" paint. 
Are you taking advantage of these paint color options? 

Just about every store that carries paint sells their mistakes. And I'm benefiting from it. HomeDepot, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and even Sherwin Williams. This particular can of paint I scored from HomeDepot cost $7. You can't beat that price. I'm hooked and I'm officially starting a collection. 

I also picked up a few of their smaller sample cans at 50 cents a pop. 
Hopefully I'll find some good uses for those little containers of paint.

Things are looking a little blotchy in the picture below because it was still in the process of drying.

I'm in love. Conveniently enough the paint option I purchased was a flat color. 
The name is "Potted Plant." 

Side Note: We were excited to see YoungHouseLove also painted their little ones closet door. 
You can check out their post here


  1. Looks Great! I love that color....... and it really adds to the closet door. Thank you for posting this. :)


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